Search for Coca Cola C2 continues

Coca Cola C2I still haven’t been lucky at tracking down a bottle of Coca Cola C2, something I’ve been trying for two months (as I mentioned in a previous post).

Today I received an e-mail from a Coca Cola official in Atlanta who among other things said the beverage is available in his city along with Zero, the crap that seems to have kicked C2 off the East Coast shelves. Here’s an excerpt from the official’s e-mail:

“[C2] is absolutely still available and is performing well. C2 has resonated with the core target — the dual user, those who alternate between sugar and diet drinks.”

I always felt an integral part of that core target and hearing Coca Cola say that makes me even sadder that I can’t consume their corporate goods. Mr. Coke guy said C2 recently added a 2-liter bottle to the packaging mix (I knew that), but also acknowledged the marketing fiasco of the C2 launch last May.

“Volume was initially below projections due to initial pricing issues, but sales have picked up as pricing has been adjusted.”

If anyone spots a bottle or can of C2, please drop me a note.

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25 Responses to “Search for Coca Cola C2 continues”

  1. I am SO with you. Can’t find C2 here, and am going nuts! Can’t bring myself to drink Zero (name fits- yuck) or to go back to the full-calorie version. I even like the taste of C2 better than Classic! I continue the hunt as well- I’m about to get the phone book and call all grocers I can in a 50 mile radius. I wish you luck in your search…

  2. Drop me a not if you find anything. It’ll be interesting to see where this C2 is hiding.

  3. I can’t find it in stores here in VA either. The only place I can get it is at my snack bar at work. I buy a few to take home with me on the weekend but at a $1.10 each, it is getting to be a wallet cruncher! Good luck!

  4. Pat - AZ C2 Lover Says:

    12 pk cans avail in Phx AZ grocers. The store stocks no more than 6 boxes at a time, on the shelf. A Coke merchandiser told me C2 is a okay seller & they have no plans of not producing it(Coke says it’s up to the local bottlers). I shop at Kroger mostly.

  5. Can’t find any c2 here. Az C2 lover is it still avaible there? Where did you live? Phx?

  6. Tx C2 lover
    The vending Company where I
    work (Dallas county) just added some to
    a vending machine with a March 07
    Expiration date! I though the last
    local run was January 07. Hopefully
    they can still get it.
    Funny, coke claims it had
    bad sales but it never sat on the
    shelves long. I could have drove to
    7-10 stores to get it one day and it
    was gone the next.

  7. Anyone know where I can find this in Atlanta? It has disappeared from Kroger again – went to 3 stores last week and there is no slot on the shelves. If this product isn’t succeeding for them, they have no marketing talent in the company. I travel all over N. America and when I describe it to people, they’ve never heard of it. Anyone I have introduced it to becomes a fan (and customer).

  8. Pat - AZ C2 Lover Says:

    Update: C2 disappeared from the shelves in Phoenix AZ last week. Shelve lables have been pulled from most stores. The local bottler (New Mexico) says it is discontinued in the valley. Coke says it still is a valid product line & to contact the local bottler. Go figure. I have 3 fridge packs left & I’m using them sparingly. I emailed Coke with my perspective on their lack of marketing & asked them to consider re-issuing C2.

  9. I haven’t been able to find any in Atlanta (up in Sandy Springs) over the past month. Haven’t tried Publix yet, but Kroger seems to have pulled the plug on C2. I’ll mix my own, or order a half/half if I’m eating out (not quite the same, but I can’t stand straight diet or the crap they canned in zero).

  10. Last week C2 disappeared from the grocery stores in the San Francisco Bay area and was never available in warehouse stores. Cannot find it anywhere.

  11. Rod Tucson AZ Says:

    I heard today from a Coca Cola driver that C2 HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!!!!!! I have sent an email to Coca Cola in Atlanta protesting this move. The Drinkers of C2 need to unite and protest thism

  12. Rod Tucson AZ Says:

    Here is the website to input your complants directly to coke with feedback.

  13. Pat - AZ C2 Lover Says:

    I sent this to Coke by Rod’s recommendation.

    Why are the local bottlers across the country saying C2 (AZ,NY,VA & N.Cal that I know of) has been discontinued & Coke says it is a valid product in thier lineup. Contact your local bottler. We have been to no avail. C2 is a wonderful product that there is no alternative on the market. Ditch the 100 cal short cans & have the bottlers restock the 70 cal 12 oz cans. Otherwise I’ll be forced to reduce my Coke purchases by half to get my 1/2 cal, 1/2 carb cola.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  14. These posts are being reposted in the hopes they help someone find C2.
    I just received a call back from a Coca-Cola rep in Atlanta. She informed me that the syrup was still being made for the time being but they were not manufacturing C2 any longer there. She said that she heard through the grapevine that the syrup would no longer be being made in April and then it would not be available anywhere. As far as she knows, Coca-Cola Consolidated is the only place even producing C2. I told her I was very disappointed. She said she has received many calls and that she forwards the info to the marketing department. If they are already planning on not producing the syrup, it will probably fall on deaf ears.

    I finally have C2! When I spoke to the Coke rep, she mentioned Mobile, AL as one of the places served by Coke Consolidated. My husband works near Mobile and I now have a supply. If you go to, you will see a map of the areas Coke Consolidated is in. If you are close to one of these places, maybe you can find some. We found plenty in Mobile. Good luck!

  15. Pat - AZ C2 Lover Says:

    Coke pulled the image of C2 from their soft drink line up.

    Sandy, C2 is not listed on CokeConsolidated’s product line up. ??

  16. I know. Don’t know why. I was discouraged when I read that, but was still able to purchase C2.

  17. I am so upset upon learning that C2 has been discontinued. I live in Southern California and have written an email to coca-cola letting them know how upset I am. I loved C2. I don’t like diet and when I recently drank a regular coke it tasted too sweet. We need more choices and that was the perfect coke choice for me!

  18. My wife is so pissed at me because I just drank the very last can of C2 and we just found out our local grociery stores no longer carry it. I wrote an email to Coca-Cola about how depressed my wife it and I hope they read it.

  19. C2 has been discontinued…if you feel as I do that this is a travesty, send an email to sign my electronic petition to bring it back, along with any comments you want me to share with Coke to

  20. We cannot find C2 anywhere in Phoenix, AZ anymore. Bummer! Methinks Coke has discontinued …

  21. OMG I thought it was just me!! I was so disappointed when I noticed my local grocery stores in NM no longer sold it, I thought it might be just temporary, but I went to Las Vegas and Indiana and couldn’t find it anywhere. I love how it tastes, and it was the only product on the market with SOME sugar, which I like and need in a soda, but not TOO much, like most sodas.

    When I sent a message to the Coca Cola company, I was told : Unfortunately, Coca-Cola C2 will be discontinued. As there is only one bottler still producing the product, it will only be available while supplies last in the southeastern region of the U.S. However, please know that in the United States and many other countries, it is a violation of the bottler’s contract for products to be taken from one bottler’s territory to another by a third party. We know this is disappointing, but we hope you will understand.

    So not only can’t I get it here but it might even be illegal, wow.
    Almost everyone I know liked and would drink C2, and it always sold so quickly I was amazed. This is a product that no other company has come close to reproducing. I will be signing any available petitions and continuing to protest.

  22. We in the northeast did have C2 for a while. In the past
    9 months the supply stopped. In the past month
    there has been no stock around.

    Wonder why Coke decided it could lose so much money?

  23. Pat AZ C2 Lover Says:

    *** UPDATE ***

    I bumped into a Coke merchandiser & told him I was mad at Coke becaused they dumped C2. He told me that Coke is bringing it back, yes launching a new campaign in Phx. It is set to unveil at Wal Mart only Feb 18th, in 2 liters, 12 packs & 6 packs. He said Coke recvd over 153,000 complaints over C2 disappearing. He also added that if sales are up in Wal Marts they will unroll it out the the grocery stores. I HATE Wal Mart, but will get my booty in there to get it. I’ll post a follow up again when I see it. ******

  24. Anymore word on this relaunch of C2 in PHX?

  25. It has been in Ontario for quite some time, but recently the line has been dropped here too. 🙁 A very sad day indeed. No new campaigns with 2 Litres or six packs occurred either.

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