absolutely noFX

The noFX show in Bucharest last night was one of the worst I’ve been to. For once, it was neither the band (unlike last year @ Placebo), nor the crowd (which was the case when I saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes in Boston).

The noFX concert was held in an absolutely disastrous open air sit-down venue. A punk rock show. In an open-air amphitheater. I’m always happy to see big bands in Bucharest, but if the promoters think the name of the band is enough for a memorable experience, they’re mistaken. Lame, unforgivable and pathetic.

I’m waiting for my Decemberists to take the stage in Vienna in two weeks. That’s going to be a real show. Great band, great crowd and most likely, an appropriate venue. See you there. I’ve got three extra tickets 😉

Wien poster

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  1. I disagree. Any true fan of NOFX would never use the words “Lame, unforgivable and pathetic” in any sentence used to describe any of their shows.

    I think they did an awesome job in the environment they were placed in. They were sooo good. I mean, the crowd seemed to only know their new stuff, but for me, all their old stuff: Soul doubt, the brews etc, made it so good.

    The open air theater was different, but not all bad… I mean, I bet the boys were stoked to be somewhere a bit different to the usual dark/smokey box (aka “venue”) they’re dropped into. When the crowd got closer, the show got better. I love NOFX, and was stoked to see them there.

  2. I agree they suck now.

    Commence using their cd’s as shooting targets. I think to show how much they now suck I will join the NRA and start supporting Pres. Bush. I am not talking shi* either, they are really going down hill.

    NOFX can GF.

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