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Neil Strauss: The closer

I tried to pitch the story below to Slate (“it doesn’t seem quite right for Slate,” they said) and also to Salon (they haven’t sent the rejection yet). Because he believes Salon will only echo Slate, the pesimist in me decided to post this review here. In the pickup world, MLTRs, or multiple long-term relationships, […]

Protests and books in Washington, DC

It was an interesting “pick your poison” day in downtown Washington, D.C. with a the huge antiwar protest that brought more than 150,000 people into the streets (says the Washington Post) and a huge National Book Festival. I took my camera off the shelf for the first time in a while and descended to the […]


My dad turned 50 this week, just days after he sent me an e-mail that broke my heart. It was sent at 4 A.M. Romania time — he obviously hadn’t slept that night, busy musing about the life and the lessons he took away from always being too eager to help others. Reading his words, […]

Arthur Phillips reading at Barnes and Noble

I read “Prague,” Arthur Phillips’ debut novel, with rare pleasure (thanks Elle). In the year before reading “Prague,” pressured by graduate school work, I had drifted into non-fiction. Phillips’ book reminded me of the pleasure of reading stories where the mind can create as many scenarios as it wishes. Plus, the book had a post-communism […]