Gomboc cook-off

This is indeed turning into a food blog. Help!

Here are shots from the dumpling cook-off between Jo and Lavi. I call them gomboc, which is the Hungarian spelling of the lovely dumplings. Jo made papanasi (even though she inisted they are gomboc – they are not) out of yogurt and raisins, and she made them by adapting a recipe that involves boiling, not frying. Lavi made plum dumplings (szilvas gomboc) in which you take a plum, wrap it in potato dough (did I just make up that concept?) and then boil it. Both were lovely and tasty.

This is some lightly fried pesmet, or dried crust as the dictionary calls it. This is what both types of dumplings will be coated with once fried.

This is Jo’s mixture of raisins and yogurt and a bunch of other stuff that brought the ingredients together.

The plums are waiting for Lavi.

Who in the meantime is boiling the potatoes.

By then, Jo’s beasts were already done.

Giving the potatoes taking a floury beating.

Eventually, the plum dumplings are ready as well.


4 Responses to “Gomboc cook-off”

  1. I cannot picture what that would taste like at all.

  2. Your food stories are not particularly interesting, given your potential as an astute observer of human nature. Sad to be in Romania, or what?

  3. Miam miam, they look soooo tasty.. and they are when they re made by my grandma.. hehe I tried to cook them myself once, but the dough just didnt stick to the plum. Any secrets?
    Bon appetit

  4. Great! My mother used to make plum dumplings back in my childhood. Is this Hungarian food? I didn’t know. Anyways, I’ll have to remind her of them 🙂

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