The point of return

At number five in his Zurau aphorisms, Franz Kafka puts offers this though:

From a certain point on, there is no more turning back. That is the point that must be reached.

For all I know, Kafka could have been talking about one’s whole life and that melancholy moment when you realize that the path in front of you is likely to encounter little to no future crossroads, no distractions, no temptations. But since that doesn’t sit with me, I prefer to think Kafka was referring to particular moments–when one struggles with a decision, looking for that sharp corner he must turn.

Well, after months of tormenting myself (here and here for example) and those around me, I believe I have reached this point, and it happens to be a British Airways ticket from Boston to Bucharest.

For a while beginning in May, Owlspotting will be based in Romania–at least a new point will have to be reached.

PS: Ideas for cool projects to do in Romania? Drop me a line.

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  1. “Pass the point of no return”, lyrics on the same idea. Good luck on your Romanian adventure, hope you find the cool project that you are in search of.

  2. You’re visa is expiring in may? You didn’t get your choice cubicle at the Monitor, or you just miss mom’s sarmalele? What’s bringing you back to this side of smatana? Anyway, we could use a few good public brain’s in training such as yourself.

  3. Actually I’m OK on the bureaucratic front. It’s all the sarmale and Excalibur dinner I miss. Hope you’ll still be around by the time I’m back.

  4. Let the party begin mister! I know it’s a wise decision and I hope you have no regrets, actually I know you haven’t. We’ll be there to rock 2007:-)

  5. Cool project in Romania: try to go back in USA! 😀


    Romania’s a nice country. You don’t have Superbowl (who needs that awful sport when we have the beautiful rugby?) but you have soccer. You don’t have Liberty Statue but you have People’s House.

    And the story goes on…

    Oh, already forgotten: you don’t have FHM in USA anymore! But you have it in Romania. 😀 Come home, man!

  6. Great decision, best of luck! Describe your ideal cool projects in a post, perhaps? Happy to be reading you again, either way 🙂

  7. PatinOrsova Says:

    Hey man,
    Here’s an idea. Do a photo-essay on Personal Trains. Every weekend Romanian students fresh with cell phones and designer jeans, sunglasses, etc head out to their grandparents villages. The startling contrast in how their grandparents dress/act is incredible and I’m sure people would be interesting in reading about it.

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