The latest issue of Dilema Veche, the Romanian magazine I write for, had the Internet and the citizens’ interaction with the medium (“Cetateni pe Internet”) as its central theme. It’s a great discussion to have in Romania, where political and social opinion currents born online are just beginning to take shape.

Back in March I wrote in the English-laguage magazine Vivid that 2006 could be the year of the Romanian blog. By that I meant that the online community would mature quickly enough to produce voices that will be heard outside the virtual echo chamber. It’s only mid-September and a bunch of voices have emerged–either born online or recast online from good ol’ print. Some of these voices are featured in the Dilema articles, which I highly recommend (if you can read Romanian). Dilema Veche is worth a visit anyway–if only to check out its new website.

My contribution to the issue was a piece on how the Internet interacts with American politics.

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  1. Cristi,

    you mentioned 2006 as being the year of the Romanian blog. Unfortunately something like this also exists. Read it (better not) and weap:

  2. I love being devil’s advocate. Meeting an acquaintance last week over coffee, he said: “I don’t know what I’ll do if my boy grows up to love manele.” I countered: “what if he grows up to like men?” He smiled: “that I can live with”. As if he knows what he’s talking! Better yet, he still has to have a boy first, or, in fact, a child of whichever gender.

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