Driving through Cheile Bicazului

On Friday morning, my brother and I drove towards Bacau for a story I’m working on. We chose the Targu Mures-Sovata-Gheorgheni-Piatra Neamt route. We talked some, but we mostly let the car stereo do its thing. My brother is into electronic music (drum n bass), while these days I’m into softer indie rock stuff.

It’s this softer rock that was playing as we reached Cheile Bicazului, a scenic wonder in Neamt county, where the road cuts through the mountain and rarely allows for anything more than the two lanes of traffic. The canyon serves as a border between Moldova and Transylvania and it’s been more than a decade since I was there last.

Pictures wouldn’t do the experience justice–because it’s the experience of driving through it with the right soundtrack that resonated with me–so I decided to use the camera to shoot some video.

The first one is set to “The engine driver” a song from “Picaresque,” the gorgeous 2005 album of The Decemberists. I think I might have mentioned before that I am sucker for the “I am a writer/A writer of fictions” part.

This second one is set to the tune of the Violent Femmes song, “Kiss off.” Yes, it’s true. I just can’t get enough of this song.

3 Responses to “Driving through Cheile Bicazului”

  1. Thank you. This one is tear-jerker for me. I used to know those gorges by heart…

  2. The last time I’ve been to Cheile Bicazului seems so far now! I only remember it vaguely, mostly the feeling of awe when seeing such beauty. I should take a road trip in that direction soon.

  3. Stunning! While the first one has the better soundtrack for sure, the second one is absolutely captivating visually. You’re right that video was a much better choice that photographs (for once)!

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