Targu Mures from up high

The county building (Prefectura) in Targu Mures is about 100 years old and it’s built next to the Palace of Culture, one of the more important landmarks in the city. Prefectura has a beautiful clock tower which had been closed to visitors for years. It’s now finally open to the public–you climb more than 200 stairs to get to the top and you have a spectacular view of the whole city. There is a guide and the whole deal costs less than one dollar.

Here are some photos and a video of downtown.

Clock Tower -- Prefectura Targu Mures

The clock tower of the Prefectura. You can catch a glimpse of the Palace of Culture on the right.

Downtown Targu Mures

A view of houses in downtown Targu Mures. They are vividly colored and have been looking pretty spiffy since the mayor made owners repaint the facades a few years back.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to be sure to get my exercise when I finally arrive in Tirgu Mures so I can nab a number of good shots (some of which I can already plan on, based on your video clip).

  2. Looks better than last time I’ve been there… but that was 1994.
    You guys make me miss home.

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