Dacias and sticking feet out the car window

Getting some air

Yes, you’ve heard right. Air conditioning is making steady inroads in Romania, but there are relics of the olden days before we got all Westernized and shit. The sight of an old Dacia brings to mind not only our national obsession with opening the windows to create a breeze, but it also displays our artistry when it comes to curing smelly feet.

The wonderful citizens in this car are performing an act of what some of us would call “taranie,” or as the literal translation would have it, “peasantism.” Not every second car comes with a pair of feet hanging out the window, but when one carries them, there is a strong possibility it will be an old-school Dacia.

The sweet irony in this picture is that the license plate says the car is from Sibiu country. The city of Sibiu has been designated the European Capital of Culture of 2007.

How does this pastoral scene look in motion? Check out the video below:

5 Responses to “Dacias and sticking feet out the car window”

  1. …and the car has to be from Sibiu. In my city we would call that gesture/activity “ciobanie” which could be translated as “shepherdism” as Sibiu is the land of, charming nevertheless, shepherds…

  2. There you go being all pesimistic about your home. But you had indeed introduced one word I haven’t used in a while. Ciobanie it often is, indeed.

  3. Sticking one’s feet out the window may not be a mark of refinement, but it does strike me as a far better idea than rolling up the windows and roasting alive, which seems to be the prevailing custom when driving here in the Czech Republic. We’re a bit more northerly, though not enough to be significantly cooler this time of year.

  4. We have that in parts of my country, where we call it “teens in the summertime.”

  5. Dacias – the only car in the world with the wheels held on with the least number of bolts – three. Pretty scary.

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