Campionatul Mondial de Bere Romania 2006

Bere MondialSevereal suprising pairings emerged at the official drawing of the group stage of one of the most anticipated competitions of the summer. “Campionatul Mondial de Bere Romania 2006” (The World Beer Cup) is organized by Romerican with the blessing of consumer of horrid beer everywhere. (Owlspotting is a self-designated patron and booster–we were too cheap to opt for a sponsorship deal.)

Details on dates and venues will be released in the near future, but until them you can feast your eyes on the groups. Experts consider Group H (with Silva, Skol and Aurora Bruna) to be the group of death and expect several other close contests including a showdown of giants when Tuborg Strong takes on Bergenbier for the crown in Group H.

Sponsorship opportunities abound–including the chance to sponsor travel for some of the more unfortunate teams, including train-favorite Mamaia and church-marketed MaDonna.

May the pouring begin.

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  1. “Train favorite” …hahaha *thunk*

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