Wikipedia says Kurtz has a tiny penis

You might have heard of the whole Wikipedia/Seigenthaler controversy — a famous retired journalist smeared in a fake bio by an anonymous dude who later claimed that it was a prank.

Well, today (around 1:30 PM) I noticed that a Wikipedian is trying to do something to the sexual reputation of Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, whose bio on the encyclopedia I stumbled upon while reading about Columbia University.

The last line: “His penis is also incredibly tiny” was added Tuesday night at 22:42 by someone whose IP tracks back to Johnson County Kansas according to the WhoIS database.

I’m curious how long this will stay up until someone corrects it. I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: The entry was corrected at 9 PM, Wednesday, Dec. 21. So, in the Wikipedia world, Kurtz had a tiny penis for almost 24 hours. That’s long enough if you ask me. The IP of the person who corrected the error traced back to Harvard — yes, the university. It appears this was their first edit to the encyclopedia. I wonder if this person was in the network of people who I’ve told about this.

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  1. They’ve taken it off of there.

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