Lobbying for Romania

The Washington Post gave a nod to Romanian ingenuity — or lack of resources — in a short story today. Stefan Candea of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Reporting, the journalist in the story, looks to be gathering ammo from the the Foreign Agent Registration Act Unit, probably for use in a story on the Romanian lobby in Washington.

I would be curios to see who lobies for whom in this category, especially after finding out recently that Ceausescu himself had a lobbyist, Edward J. von Kloberg III, who also represented other dictators like Saddam Hussein and Mobutu Sese Seko.

Actually, one of Kloberg’s most famous accomplishments was winning “Most Favored Nation” status in the U.S. for Romania during the Ceausescu regime. That answers the questions of what Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were doing shaking the hands of a communist dictator. Kloberg killed himself in May, leaping from an Italian castle. Fancy.

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  1. What do dictators need lobbyists for? Better PR? That’s really hilarious.

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