Ask the 8 ball

Owl Spotting, in collaboration with the Internet, is proud to launch a new feature available online every Wednesday afternoon starting today.

“8 with 8” is an eight-point Q&A session with a Brooklyn-based 8 ball notorious for providing correct answers. The ball has a tendency to avoid “no” answers, which is why the more positive the question is, the better the answer will make you feel. Submit your own questions by replying to this post.

This first sit down with the 8 ball is on the topic of George W. Bush and his role in the world. The 8 ball also predicted Iran will go forward and produce nuclear weapons.

1. Will Iran develop a nuclear weapon?
Most likely.

2. Will that piss off George W. Bush?
It is certain.

3. Speaking of George W. Bush — he made a big speech last night in support of the war in Iraq. Do you think Bush is the incarnation of evil?
It is certain.

4. Interesting answer. Don’t you think Bush is actually the incarnation of good?
Concentrate and ask again.

5. Ok, ok. He’s got a direct line to God. Isn’t he the incarnation of good?
Very doubtful.

6. Are you sure?
Without a doubt.

7. Are you saying he wants to take over the world?
Concentrate and ask again.

8. Are you saying he wants to take over the world?
Ask again later.

3 Responses to “Ask the 8 ball”

  1. I’d like to ask the 8-ball why Bush chose to wear that blue tie on a blue background.

  2. I am sorry to inform you that the magic 8 ball only answers “yes” or “no” questions. Any fashion questions should be directed to more appropriate sources — such as Trashy.

  3. Will Tim my ex going to ask me to marry him?

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