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A chain letter made in blog land

Raluca convinced me I should participate in this chain letter-like experiment. Others in this chain mentioned tagging, but as long as none of the recent people filling this out actually seemed to join Tagged, I’ll just stick with the chain letter reference. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was coming out of some […]

National Christmas Tree. Really?

National Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by owlspotting. This is not a tree. It’s a lot of other things, but it’s not a tree — certainly not a Christmas tree. It’s a ghost who dressed as a bulb factory for Halloween. Or an LED condom. Or a hunk of elephant poop hosting the Lightning Bug National […]

My epitaph

Here’s one of those quiz things that gets passed around — along with my “result.” Take this quiz at

Elle meets Mr. Pig

Jam your foot in communism

I was cleaning ouy my grad school e-mail before it got purged and I came across this piece I wrote for one of Josh’s initiatives. Yes, it’s satire — and it’s written in the fall of 2003, a couple of months after I got to the U.S. >>> Most Americans dress in a similar manner. […]

Bruce Lee unites Bosniacs and Croats in Mostar

Growing up in Eastern Europe, one had to choose his favorite actor carefully. Your pick would not only unveil your manliness to the whole block, but the actor would also have to act as a virtual bodyguard to your psyche. He would have to battle the other kids’s pick at least twice a week. Stallone […]

Asidas and Ruibak — together at last

What if Adidas’s purchase of Reebok would create the following “alternative market” merger: Murat Gurlen, knock-off architect and owner of the Asidas brand, did not waste time when he heard the company he was ripping off planned to expand its market. Less than two days after the announcement, Gurlen contacted “next-street-over-neighbor,” Tarkan Osman, who makes […]