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Washington Post returns to Romania, fails

Kevin Sullivan of the Washington Post returned to Romania for a second story in one month. His first, about the American air force base built in my homeland, was enjoyable if only because it carefully dealt with a cultural cliche: the endless wait for the Americans. His second fails because Sullivan embarks on a journey […]

Make the cherry official

My latest story in the Christian Science Monitor is about a group of kids in a special needs class that are fighting to make the cherry the official fruit of Washington, DC. The kids are guided in this effort by their teacher, Terry Bunton. Making a fruit — or any other symbol — official is […]

The worth of a Romanian soccer player — in meat

I can’t believe I missed this piece of news in my usual activity of finding what foreign outlets have to say about Romania. But an item on my favorite geek show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (the NPR news quiz) clued me in on the story of a Romanian soccer player traded for… meat! Below […]

Let the rooster roost

A very good friend of mine wrote an awesome story for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. It’s a story of an orphaned rooster who made a home outside the city hall of small town Punta Gorda (of hurricane season 2004 fame). Although some of her editors din not consider this “animal story” worthy enough for the front […]